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Purevo hygiene specialises in providing businesses such as dentists, doctors, offices, barbers, cafe's, hotels etc the products they need to protect their staff and customers.  We bring trade prices to the masses and take all the complications out of purchasing from several sources whilst also being fully sustainable

Bespoke circular economy solutions

We recently provided our customer Consult Cleaning a circular economy solution to their cleaning chemicals.

The brief was simple, make their chemical supply not only more sympathetic to the environment but also provide them with their own branded bottles, setting them apart from the competition and providing a visual representation of their brand in any cleaning cupboard on their sites.

After product trials it was settled on a universal probiotic for surfaces and a floor specific probiotic for floor cleaning.

This reduced product portfolio has many benefits for Consult Cleaning

  1. Less stock and variants to purchase
  2. Being probiotic less safety concerns over cleaners health & safety
  3. Less deliveries = lower carbon footprint
  4. Less risk to the public
  5. On site marketing - consult cleaning bottles provide a visual reference to customers
  6. Ultimately better cleaning power - probiotics really work well across various applications
  7. Lower cost - cost in use of the probiotics is cheaper than traditional chemical alternatives

Now this solution has been rolled across all sites in Sussex and soon to be London, we've made the whole process circular economy for Consult by refilling their bottles and disposing of any breakages responsibly.

This service is available to any business please get in touch to find out more info@purevo.co.uk - minimum quantities apply