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Purevo hygiene specialises in providing businesses such as dentists, doctors, offices, barbers, cafe's, hotels etc the products they need to protect their staff and customers.  We bring trade prices to the masses and take all the complications out of purchasing from several sources whilst also being fully sustainable

Bio plastic - greenwashing at its finest!

There's a rant coming here...........bio plastics!!!

This stuff is really causing problems in the general public perception of sustainability.  Too many people I speak to that are less environmentally focussed think these products are a simple solution and can simply be tossed in landfill

Without oxygen and heat these bio plastics will still in some cases take hundreds of years to decompose - conversely to this they're also extremely hard to recycle, so ironically probably worse than virgin plastic that's properly recycled!

They are not a fix to our plastic problem as we simply don't have the infrastructure to dispose of these correctly yet, industrial composting on a national scale would help but it still doesn't fix the issue.

It is a sad situation whereby companies think they're doing good, their consumers believe the hype too but we're just not making a difference here.

If you do come across bio plastics please don't landfill them or put in your recycling, bring them to Purevo Hygiene and we'll put them in our special bio plastic recycling bin so the materials will be re-used!

Thanks to reworked we have a solution!

Recycling bins available here: