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Purevo hygiene specialises in providing businesses such as dentists, doctors, offices, barbers, cafe's, hotels etc the products they need to protect their staff and customers.  We bring trade prices to the masses and take all the complications out of purchasing from several sources whilst also being fully sustainable

Eco-friendly probiotics

Probiotics are an amazing technology that really benefits the cleaning industry.

Vegan friendly, pet safe and they really work well there isn't much better for stubborn cleaning jobs.

You have to think of probiotics like Yakult you can buy in the supermarket to balance the bacteria in your stomach.  Probiotic cleaners use good bacteria to balance all the germs on a surface.

This is different to normal chemical that simply kill everything, good or bad, ironically the bad then come back even faster so adding good bacteria via probiotic cleaners means surfaces stay cleaner for longer, walk away and it keeps cleaning!

The provilan range are packaged in recycled ocean plastic and then Purevo go one step further and we'll even take bottles back for refilling - a totally circular solution!

All this and bought in its concentrated formats this cleaner costs just 6p per 500ml when diluted at 1:100

Cost effective and good for the environment - what's not to love!

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