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Purevo hygiene specialises in providing businesses such as dentists, doctors, offices, barbers, cafe's, hotels etc the products they need to protect their staff and customers.  We bring trade prices to the masses and take all the complications out of purchasing from several sources whilst also being fully sustainable

Evie Blue - sustainable hand soap!

After the successful launch during the covid 19 pandemic of our Evie Blue Oxyfoam hand sanitiser, Evie Blue has developed the first compostable packaged foam hand soap.

In two wonderful fragrances pink symphony and Baltic amber, this foam soap solution used zero plastic in its packaging - the first of its kind.

Traditionally hand soap dispenser refills in hotels and service stations etc have very wasteful single use plastic pouches/cartridges inside that cannot be re-used.  The Evie Blue solution does away with this and provides a zero plastic refill.

The reason these single use pouches exist is the greed of manufacturers to ensure you can only use their pouch in their dispenser protecting their future business.

We're doing this differently and protecting our planet for the future, promotion of bulk filling foam dispensers is better for our environment by being zero plastic!

Our earth friendly ingredients also mean the soap is nicer to your hands and going into our water system, what's not to like!

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