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Purevo hygiene specialises in providing businesses such as dentists, doctors, offices, barbers, cafe's, hotels etc the products they need to protect their staff and customers.  We bring trade prices to the masses and take all the complications out of purchasing from several sources whilst also being fully sustainable

Sustainable transformation - Consult Cleaning

What a transformation!  One of our key customers across London and the South East, Consult Cleaning has fully committed to a sustainable cleaning future!

After some trials across various sites of our Evie Blue range and Probiotics they’ve now found their perfect product combos ready to roll out across all sites!

We’ve worked closely with Consult to provide the best products for each of their sites, and along the way we’ve saved them money and made training infinitely simpler.

Eco products are here to stay, they can be more cost effective and are massively safer for your staff and clients, breathing in harmful chemicals day in day out is so bad for your staff. 

We’ve also provided Consult with bespoke co branded bottles making all their cleaning cupboards look professional and making a marketing statement to their customers!

Get in touch to find out how we can help your cleaning business transform for the sake of our environment!