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About us

The power of PUREVO...

Purevo Hygiene is a reputed sustainable Hygiene, Washroom and Janitorial supplier based in East Sussex. Here to serve business and customers across the UK, helping them to effectively purchase all their required sustainable cleaning, hygiene and janitorial supplies, Purevo Hygiene leads the way in offering a sustainable cost-effective supply, that not only keeps you safe, but saves you money and the environment!

Established in 2019, Purevo Hygiene aims to become a the first fully sustainable supplier in the populated cleaning, hygiene, washroom and janitorial market, with the ambition to become a first-choice for customers. With a strong emphasis on supplying high-quality sustainable products, at a fair price, and to ensure a swift delivery on each and ever order, Purevo Hygiene is a supplier like no other! 

Purevo Hygiene is committed to offering a unique range of products, reinforced by a strong customer service, all whilst keeping your best-interests at heart. In an ever-changing, dynamic industry like the cleaning hygiene, washroom and janitorial market, Purevo Hygiene believes there is a clear differentiation between itself and other suppliers, we offer a service that is noted to be unmatched, when experienced. 

Don't hesitate, drop us an email or give us a call - today! 


Working with UK & Ireland Based Businesses to protect staff health

Purevo Hygiene is pleased to be working hand in hand with so many businesses across the UK & Ireland, to ensure their staff, visitors and customers are kept safe during these turbulent times. 

We take Hygiene & sustainability seriously, by providing you with high-quality products, always at a fair-price, and taking every care and attention to get it delivering to your door for you to take advantage of. Having a supplier like Purevo Hygiene is ideal, if you are looking for a responsible, responsive and reputed supplier who takes your requirements into consideration and acts with swiftness and effectiveness. Purevo Hygiene is committed to you & your business - now that's something that not many businesses bother to care about... 

Some of our clients include: 



Forming meaningful relationships with leading manufacturers & suppliers

Purevo Hygiene works with some of the most highly-respected manufacturers & suppliers to bring high-quality products to you. We stock many UK-Brands and strive to continuously expand our portfolio by collaborating with like-minded suppliers to accommodate the needs of our growing customer-base. Purevo is one-step ahead of the competition, when it comes to product-range, as we work with a diverse range of suppliers who understand our customers' needs and help us to look after these in a way that is cost-effective for the end-user. We are able to do this by, forming meaningful relationships with our suppliers.