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Evie Blue Sanitiser Hygienic Eco Cleaning


Ecologically developed professional Sanitizer Hygienic Cleaner. Use this cleaner in an existing jar or spray bottle to sanitize any equipment in a barber shop.  The sanitizer is unique as it cleans as well as sanitizes equipment, simply drop any comb, scissors and razors etc into the solution and see the amazing cleaning effect of the product.

Directions For Use

Simple 3 Step Process - Fill, Pour, Shake - From powder to cleaner in under 60 seconds

1. Fill - Fill the jar/bottle with water, using warm water works best to aid the dissolving process.

2. Pour - Tear open the sachet and pour powdered cleaner contents into bottle, sachet is full compostable.

3. Shake - Shake the bottle (or stir in a jar) for around 10 seconds until the powder is completely dissolved. The cleaner is now ready to use.

Sanitiser Hygienic Cleaner PH Level: 9 


Our powdered cleaners are contained within in a single dose compostable sachet. Sachets are available in recyclable tube, box, or carton box. Spray Bottles are fully recyclable.

Quantities Available:

Packaging Type Sachet Qty Liquid Equivalent (Litres)
Tube 6 x 500ml Spray Bottle Sachets 3L
Box 48 x 500ml Spray Bottle Sachets 24L
Carton Box 576 x 500ml Spray Bottle Sachets 288L