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Evie Blue Degreaser Pro cleaning


Evie Blue Degreaser Pro cleaner

Degreaser Pro from Evie Blue is a strong Alkaline degreaser (PH12) developed for the intensive cleaning of kitchen floors/walls and heavily soiled kitchen appliances such as: extractor hoods, work tables, ovens and stainless steel surfaces. Suitable for manual use, as in scrubber dryers and vacuum cleaner.

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Only for professional users/specialists and is suitable for cleaning floors/walls and kitchen equipment, among other things. Mix the contents of the bottle/jar in 5 liters of clean (lukewarm) water. Shake and/or stir the mixture briefly from time to time for a homogeneous end product. Use the created concentrate only on water- and colour solid floors. Dosage adjust concentrate (mix in water max 1:10) to own insight into pollution of the surface. Hot water can easily clean fry pans, exhaust hoods and stainless steel air filters. Use the product in combination with a high pressure foam nozzle system and easily clean large kitchen surfaces. After using the Degreaser Pro cleaner, rinse the surface if necessary with clean water.


High Degreasing power, 100% biodegradable.
Can be used on any type water-resistant surface.