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Evie Blue Elbow soap Dispenser



Oxy Foam is a skin care active oxygen-based disinfectant hand foam for daily hand hygiene. Disinfection formula based on natural-friendly ingredients, enriched with active oxygen ele- ments and a moisturizing effect for optimal hand care and Soft Touch feel.

OxyFoam manual elbow dispenser:

- High-quality wall mounted 1000ml dispenser

- Designed for optimal user-friendliness

- Hands free operation, for use in healthcare and food processing areas - Trouble free installation (simple and quick)

- Stock indicator

- Available in White & Black color casing


- Excellent quality: 5 years warranty on every dispenser - 100% made in Holland

- Easy cleaning, to ensure safety and optimal hygiene

- Invisible lock system, no service key needed

- Available in White & Black color casing

Additional info Dispenser:
Refill Volume Weight
Dimensions (LxWxH) Body material Handle material Packaging
Additional info Refill
Refill Volume Weight
Number of Dosage Material Packaging
Cleaning applications:
360 gram
117 x 134 x 267
Glass reinforced PP
Individually packed, 6pcs per case
1050 gram
2500 (0,4ml)
3-layer co extruded foil Individually packed, 6pcs per case