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Evie Blue Oxy Gell 12 Pack hand sanitiser


Evie Blue
Oxy Gell


Oxy Gell is a skin care active oxygen based disinfectant hand gel for daily hand hygiene. Available in: refill sachet for 100ml refill bottle with valve cap, refill (jar) for 700ml.

Disinfection formula based on natural-friendly ingredients, enriched with active oxygen elements and a moisturizing effect for optimal hand care and Soft Touch feel.


  • Kills up to 99.999999% (Log 8) of the most common bacteria,fungi and spores.
  • Active oxygen formula for safe hand disinfection.
  • In powdered form, add water yourself (100% active product guarantee after preparation)
  • Proven dermatologically safe ingredients (free from: chlorine, ammonia, alcohol, parabens and EDTAs).
  • Moisturizing effect through pure JoJoba-oil
  • Soft Touch feel (no drying skin and chapping)
  • Long-term active nurturing effect
  • 100% nature-friendly ingredients
  • Optimal Cleaning & Hygienic care (dry hand washing)
  • Compostable 100ml packaging (exact dosage)
  • Stronger and faster oxidizing agent than Chlorine


  • Oxy Gell formula 86% volume/weight reduction compared to ready-to-use variants.
  • On average 92% transport and storage capacity reduction.
    * 960 cartridges a 24 pcs = 23,040 pcs refill sachets per pallet
  • Delivery guarantee on ingredients and product from “Dutch producer”
    * unlike Ethanol / Alcohol containing products.
  • Extremely long shelf life
    * if powder kept dry and at room temperature
  • Optimal efficient with regards to Cost and Environment (CO2)
  • Multi-year research and “clinically” proven ingredients by ECHA