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Evie Blue Pink Symphony Foam Soap

6 x 1000ml

Washing your hands is the key to staying germ-free and healthy.
Keep your hands clean with the Evie Blue Pink Symphony foaming hand soap.
Pink Symphony delivers a cloud of luxurious foam that transforms into a rich
creamy soft care hand soap to gently wash away dirt and germs.
Enjoy the ultimate soft care touch of pure Jojoba Oils.
Evie Blue “powder based” smart refill soft care hand soap has many benefits.
The Unique Plastic Free “compostable” packaging will reduce the plastic waste by
Average hand soaps contain up to 97% water, so start Smart Refilling with Evie Blue.
Reduce your storage and logistic costs with the Evie Blue range up to 80%, the Evie
Blue foam soap products can be transported restriction free by: air, water or land (rail
or road).
Final and biggest advantage is you don’t pay for patented systems to dispense the
Evie Blue fits in any type of foam soap pump system and is 100% safe to use for you
and our children.
Reduce your daily costs on hand soap easily by 50%, start Smart Refilling today.
An estimated 360 million tons of plastic are produced every year worldwide, half of
which is for single-use items.
Of this, about 12,8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. So buy plastic-free
products or start re-using your plastic.
Join the foam soap Revolution and let Evie guide you on her sustainable road to a
better world.