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Provilan DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Neutraliser

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300ml RTU

DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover is a highly effective and responsible alternative to chemical air fresheners and masking fragrances. The easy to use spray is scientifically formulated to remove the root causes of unpleasant odours – particularly in high footfall and higher occupancy environments.

DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Removercontains plant-based ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These helpful probiotics work safely and thoroughly at a microbial level using a natural mechanical action. They eliminate the root causes of smells, rather than just masking with polluting chemicals.

They inhibit harmful, pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and reduce bio-allergens, including mould spores and animal dander.

The odour neutraliser spray is completely safe for operatives and is non-irritating and chemical-free. It contains no dyes and will not stain.

  • Removes the root causes of unpleasant odours.
  • Eco-friendly and non-polluting.
  • Fresh orange and basil aroma; longer-lasting action.

Eliminates Odour Molecules to Eliminate Odour

DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover works in a direct, unique, natural and organic way. A patented deodoriser surrounds and encapsulates the molecule causing the odour. Once the molecule is enclosed, the odour can no longer be circulated.

The helpful probiotic bacteria in our commercial odour neutraliser then eat the odour molecule, treating it as an organic waste food source. This removes the cause of the smell at its source. Other methods of odour removal can be found here.

Unlike pathogenic (harmful) bacteria, the probiotic (helpful) bacteria in DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover are odour-free. The spray has an added natural, fresh orange and basil aroma.

You can use this natural odour remover to remove pungent scents. It’s a commercial-grade product designed to be used in busy environments. Typical use cases include gyms, health clinics, nurseries, shopping centres and supermarkets.


Shake before use. Spray directly onto any sources of unpleasant odour.